This is from a customer who's guitar I made a new top for five years ago. He paid me back then, but recently he thought it should have been more! Tiny Bay State Guitar


Enclosed please find a check for $250. I know this is unexpected, but you did such a great repair job on my guitar...you deserve much more! The Bay State is holding up just fine in this very dry climate. I keep it humidified and play it all the time. It just keeps sounding better and better. It has a real sweet tone and plays like an electric..just perfect!" Stephen Lambert



"The Regal arrived yesterday.....It sounds great, plays great....I'm delighted...Thanks  for another superb restoration." Stephen Lambert 

Paul's Trap Door Banjo

"I picked up the plectrum banjo when I got home and am just putting it down to tell you what a great job you did! The action is great and finish is remarkable. Where's the hole for that crooked screw? You are a marvel and a peach. Now, back to "Sadie Green (the vamp of New Orleans)..."

Best wishes,
Paul Heller